Allan Block Fence

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Allan BlockAB Fence is a mortarless concrete block fencing system. The patented, interlocking block system combines the benefits of mortarless technology with the time proven performance of reinforced concrete. The patented ball and socket design has revolutionized the process of constructing masonry structures.

Allan Block FenceAB Fence in a screen wall application not only separates the property line, it provides an aesthetically pleasing background for a pond, as well as reduce the noise level from the street.

Allan Block FenceFairchild Air Force Base utilizes the AB Fence system for its security, durability, low maintenance, aesthetics and cost effectiveness. To date, there are approximately four miles of AB fence installed on base.

Allan Block FenceAB Fence is a very versatile product, this refuse enclosure provides a cost effective solution for screening and security.

Allan Block FenceThe System

  • Interlocking Fence Blocks are dry stacked to construct panels that rest on a compacted base.
  • Reinforced and grouted Post Blocks provide wind resistance and lock panels in place.
  • Capstones provide an attractive finish to any fence project.

Allan Block FenceAllan Block FenceThe Advantages

  • Easy Installation
  • Fully Engineered System
  • Attractive Colors & Finishes
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Service Life
  • Property Screening
  • Sound & Noise Barrier
  • High Security / Privacy
  • Enclosures
  • Affordable Masonry Fencing
    (Continuous Footing Not Required)


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