Precast Drawings - Concrete Lids and Covers

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Assorted Concrete Lids

9-1/2" to 8-1/2" Tapered Lid

Part# P6212

13" to 11-1/2" Tapered Lid

Part# P6211

Drywell Lid Plug

Part# P210

24" Meter Lid

Part# P6207

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D-Box 20" x 30" Flat Lid

Part# P6222

D-Box 13" x 17" Flat Lid

Part# P6221

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56" Manhole Lid

Part# P6204

32" or 40" Manhole or Cess Pool Lid

Part# P6209 - 32" Lid
Part# P6200 - 40" Lid

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Septic Tank Lids

26-1/2" to 23" Recessed Lid

Part# P6219

25-1/4" to 24" Tapered Lid

Part# P6213

27-3/4" to 26" Tapered Lid

Part# P6214

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Reinforced Concrete Ring and Cover

26" Slotted Cover with Concrete Frame

Part# P6215

26" Solid Cover with Concrete Frame

Part# P6217

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