Precast Drawings - Drywells

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Type "A" Drywell with Monolithic Base Section - Spokane County

Part# P1032

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Type "1" Drywell with Monolithic Base Section - City of Spokane

Part# P1030

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Type "2" Drywell City of Spokane

Type "B" Drywell Spokane County

Part# P1033

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500 Gallon Low Profile Drywell

Part# P1068

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Special Order 4 Wall Reverse Tongue and Groove Drywell Cones and Flat Top Lids

Street Lid

Part# P4107 - Offset Hole
Part# P4108 - Center Hole

36" Eccentric Cone

Part# P4104

18" and 36" Concentric Cone

Part# P4101 - 18" Tall
Part# P4105 - 36" Tall

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