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It is Allan Block Contractor Certification Training Season! 

The Spokane AB Class is at capacity.  If you would like to learn about other training opportunities, please call our office.

This class is being held in Spokane on Thursday February 23rd, 2023.



We are also presenting an Allan Block Contractor Certification class at our dealer,

Veritas Stone Supply, in Hayden Idaho on Tuesday February 21st, 2023.

For more information on the Hayden ID  class - click here


White Block Company, Inc. was founded on February 20, 1947 by twin brothers Edward and Harold White. After being honorably discharged from the Army after World War II , their original plan was to open a heavy duty truck & equipment repair shop. But due to the lack of building materials in the area, they decided to invest in a hand operated block machine that was capable of producing 600 concrete masonry units per day. The blocks sold as fast as they were made, indicating they had made a wise decision. Over seventy years later, the plant has tripled in size and currently covers over ten acres. White Block Company can produce over 28,000 concrete masonry units per day at full capacity. We can manufacture over 200 different types of block on our Besser V12 machine. Some examples of what we make are Smooth Standard Units, Architectural Splitface & Groundface Units, Allan Block and Stonewall Retaining Wall Units, Chimney Block and a number of Specialty Block. Through the years we have added a full line of pre cast materials such as Parking Bumpers, Drywells, Catch Basins and Septic Tanks. White Block Company also carries a full line of masonry accessories including tools, sacked goods, masonry cleaners and sealers, and other miscellaneous building materials.



In 2023, we are celebrating our 76th year in business supplying Masonry, Landscape and Precast products to our customers and the Inland Northwest.


We look forward to working with you on your project!  Give us a call or come by, we are happy to help!