Flagstone Slate

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Our Natural Quartzite Flagstone comes in random shapes and we stock a variety of colors and thicknesses for both indoor and outdoor projects.

The colors we have available are Gold Rush, River Grey and Sockeye Red.

Wbc flagstone goldrush
Gold Rush
Wbc flagstone rivergrey
River Grey
Wbc flagstone sockeyred
Sockeye Red

Our 3/4" minus Flagstone, with a thickness range from 3/4" to 1/4" is usually mortar set over a concrete floor or a structural wood floor. Coverage is approximately - 8# per square foot.

The 3/4" to 1" Flagstone offers a more consistent thickness for setting in mortar or in a sand or gravel base. Coverage is approximately - 12# per Square Foot.

Our Paving Flagstone ranges from 2" to 3" and is ideal for dry setting in course sand or gravel for exterior paving applications. Coverage is approximately - 23# per Square Foot. They make great Stepping Stones as well!


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