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Spring is here!

Spring is here and it is time to start planning your

outdoor landscape projects for the season!


We have variety of products to help you.  Wether it is Landscape Edging, Paver Patios, Fire Pits, Outdoor Fireplaces, Retaining Walls or Outdoor Kitchen projects, we have products, literature, and knowledge to help you with your project.


We have materials for Bread & Pizza Ovens and Rocket Stoves as well.  

Bring in you project dimensions and we will be happy to help with product selections and material estimates! 


 We manufacture Concrete Pavers, Stepping Stones, Edging Materials, Allan Block Wall Systems which includes Retaining Walls & Free Standing Courtyard Walls, as well as a variety of other products that can be used in your landscape project. Call or come by, Monday through Friday - 7AM to 5 PM. 


Our sincere congratulations go out to Tom Young, the Director of the Northwest Concrete Masonry Association, on his recent induction to the National Concrete Masonry Association’s Hall of Fame.

Tom has been instrumental to the growth and use of Concrete Masonry in the Northwest, as well as participating on national committees promoting the many benefits of concrete masonry.

Tom has been an excellent resource of knowledge for our industry, and he has the respect of many architects, engineers and block producers throughout the northwest. To learn more about Tom’s accomplishments, follow this link to the NCMA’s website  Thomas Young inducted into NCMA’s Hall of Fame - NCMA


 Quikrete Concrete Countertop Mix

Quickrete® Concrete Countertop Mix is a specially formulated high-strength, flow-able concrete mix for pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete countertop applications.

It contains a super-plasticizer additive that provides a flow-able mix at low water/cement ratio. The high-flow formula minimizes the need for mechanical vibration. It has a reduced shrinkage formulation and has a 28 Day Compressive Strength of 6,000 PSI.

Concrete Countertops are durable, economical and can be created to fit almost any style. Concrete gives you design flexibility by adding colors, and specialty aggregates that can be exposed for a completely different look.

For more product information - click here.



We are now stocking the Wall Drain Pro.  It is a simplier, easier to install, way to create drainage at the face of the retaining wall.

It reduces labor costs by minimizing or eliminating cutting the block.  It is designed for wall blocks up to 8" tall, but can be easily modified to work with any size block.  The male end snaps into place witrh 4" drain tile & fittings. This patented system was developed by a hardscape contractor.


We now stock a full line of Flue Sizes from Superior Clay Products.  They Flue Tiles range from 8x8 on up to a 16x16.  We also carry a 6" and 8" Clay Thimble that are used with our Chimney Block and Flue Liner.

The 8x12 Rectangle Shaped Flue Liners are the ones you need to repair your old fireplace & chimney.


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