Bio-Diffuser leaching chambers are successfully replacing gravel and pipe for leach field installati

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The Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) BioDiffuser chamber is an economical, easy to install alternative to the conventional on-site leachfield system. In a conventional system, 4" pipe and gravel are used to fill the excavation. The chamber units reduce or eliminate the gravel, thereby eliminating many of the problems inherent in gravel systems: compaction, loss of storage, fines clogging the gravel, and masking.



Our BioDiffuser unts are made of a sturdy, lightweight plastic that provide optimum unmasked leaching surface. The product is adaptable to serial and lateral projects. Effluent flows freely to uncompacted backfill through open bottoms and innovative louvered sidewalls that prevent migration into the chamber.

The Bio-Diffuser chamber can support H10 loading when installed with properly graded and compacted soils. A minimum of 12 of cover is required for H10 loads.

The lightweight construction allows for easy hands-on installation with minimal soil compaction. Installation requires no stone or gravel, and requires one person with only a backhoe, level, and rake.

To date, leaching chambers have grown in acceptance and total 30% of leaching systems installed.

To learn more about the ADS BioDiffuser System, give us a call at 509-534-0651 or toll free at 800-551-4877 or visit the ADS website at


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