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Selkirk Stone Link

We are gearing up for spring with a new
selection of manufactured stone from Selkirk Stone.

Selkirk Stone Shadow Ledgestone Columns

Selkirk Stone is a family owned business which opened its doors in Sandpoint ID in 2008. Realizing a need for a local manufacturer to combat long lead times and provide more personalized service, they began producing their lineup of veneer products.


Selkirk Stone Northern Ledgestone

Selkirk Stone's manufactured stone veneers have a unique design and are handcrafted to capture the look, feel and texture of natural stone.

All products have been tested for strength and durability, and only the highest quality raw materials are used in the production process.

Selkirk Stone Northern Ledgestone Rundle

Selkirk Stone is lightweight and installer friendly.

With over 40 combinations of styles and colors, Selkirk Stone is sure to offer you a product to enhance and beautify your home or outdoor living space.

From commercial to residential, interior to exterior, let Selkirk Stone help you achieve a look that is sure to inspire strength, warmth, elegance, and durability.


We would like to welcome Telluride Stone Company to the White Block Family of products!

Telluride Stone Link

White Block Company has been researching the Natural Stone Thin Veneer products available over the past couple of years.

Telluride Stone has a similar vision for supplying our homeowners and contractors with the best possible product that can be produced.

The Telluride Stone Company is the exclusive Colorado quarrier, fabricator and distributor of Telluride Gold® & Heritage Series natural thin stone veneers. All materials are available in full stone veneer as well.

They also offer a variety of natural stone products such as landscaping boulders, custom stonework for hearths, mantels, corbels, lintels, and more. We currently are focused on the Thin Cut Veneer product line from Telluride Stone.

We are stocking 6 different styles and colors in the Natural Stone  ¾ -  1 - ¼ Thick:

Telluride Gold Series - Anasazi Slivers
Telluride Gold Series - Beaver Creek

Telluride Gold Series ® Greystone

Telluride Gold Series - Highlands

Telluride Gold Series - Rico Stack

Telluride Gold Series - Ticino

Telluride Gold Series - Sebastian Sills
For the owner, designer, builder, and mason willing to surpass the mundane, Telluride Stone provides the freedom to create with a full palette of sizes, shapes, colors and textures.

The Natural Stone Thin Cut Veneer works great for house veneers - either full veneer or as a wainscot, interior or exterior fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, light posts, etc.. Because of its lightweight, it can be used anywhere you would use brick or manufactured stone.
The Thin Stone Cut Veneer from Telluride Stone Company is a natural product that offers great durability and beauty.

Please call us for more information and pricing.


The White Block Crew


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