New Flue Lines in Stock

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We have brought in a load of Superior Clay Products' 8x12 Rectangle Shaped Flue Liners. These are the ones you need to repair your old fireplace & chimney.

The oval shaped ones can reduce the draw of the fireplace making it smoke more or not burn correctly.


White Block Company has always had a great selection of Masonry and Concrete Finishing Tools. We always try to have the tools that our customers use. When a new product comes along that we believe will give our customers an advantage in their trade, we bring it on board!

We recently became a distributor for Dolph Creek Manufacturing (DCM), who has developed the HammerShear Stone Splitting tool.

They are a 3rd generation masonry family and had the same issues every mason had, can't run a saw to cut materials inside, having to run back and forth to the saw to make cuts, having to manhandle the saw & table or other stone splitting devices at the jobsite. All of which take up a lot of time, slowing down the work.

A lot of thought went into the development of the HammerShear. They wanted something that was light weight and portable - it weighs only 18 pounds. Simple to use, and sturdy enough to withstand everyday use. It had to dust free. It needed to work on Full Thickness Natural Stone Veneer, Thin Cut Natural Stone Veneer, Manufactured Stone and Clay Brick. It needed to be versitle.

They encompassed all of the the above into the HammerShear. It is easy to carry, lightweight and small enough to use outside on your scaffold, or carry into the house to work on a fireplace veneer. It is easy to use, and faster than using a saw. It is a lot quieter than running a saw. Just a hit with a hammer and the chisel splits the stone. And it is strong enough to take every day jobsite use.

It utilizes a Replaceable Carbide Tipped Chisel and Anvil, and has an optional Chip Shield for keeping the split pieces under control. They also have available a 4" Chisel & Anvil, which can be added to your HammerShear. It will work well for both the Mason and Landscape Contractors.

With the HammerShear, you don't have to drag cords, hoses or compressors, making set up time to start work that much faster.

This tool is manufactured in the USA and offers a 1 year warranty on workmanship. Check out their video below!

HammerShear Video

Call us for pricing, we have these in stock now!


We are now stocking the Wall Drain Pro. It is a simplier, easier to install, way to create drainage at the face of the retaining wall.

It reduces labor costs by minimizing or eliminating cutting the block. It is designed for wall blocks up to 8" tall, but can be easily modified to work with any size block. The male end snaps into place witrh 4" drain tile & fittings. This patented system was developed by a hardscape contractor.


Quikrete Red Bag Fast-Setting Concrete is now in stock!

QUIKRETE® Fast-Setting Concrete Mix is a special blend of fast-setting cements, sand and gravel designed

to set hard in approx. 20 to 40 minutes. Sets posts without mixing. Pour dry mix into hole and soak with water.

You can use it to set Fence Posts, Mail Boxes, Lamp Posts, Basket Ball Hoops, Deck Supports, Steps, Sidewalks or Appliance Pads.

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Quikrete Concrete Countertop Mix

Quickrete® Concrete Countertop Mix is a specially formulated high-strength, flow-able concrete mix for pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete countertop applications.

It contains a super-plasticizer additive that provides a flow-able mix at low water/cement ratio. The high-flow formula minimizes the need for mechanical vibration. It has a reduced shrinkage formulation and has a 28 Day Compressive Strength of 6,000 PSI.

Concrete Countertops are durable, economical and can be created to fit almost any style. Concrete gives you design flexibility by adding colors, and specialty aggregates that can be exposed for a completely different look.

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Looking to remodel the look of that outdated fireplace or wood stove?

We have the products you need!

Whether you are going over your existing dated brick fireplace, our creating a whole new look for your wood stove, we have the Stone Veneer that makes the transition easy. Below is an example of what can be done using our Selkirk Stone Northern Ledgestone Panels!

Selkirk honcoop fp nl alberta 2
Selkirk honcoop fp nl alberta 3
Selkirk honcoop fp nl alberta

The homeowners chose the Selkirk Stone Northern Ledgestone in the Alberta Blend color for it's modern ledgestone look. It's nice blend of brown colors fit well with their color scheme for the remodel. It's ease of installation was also paramount to their selection, as well as the fact that Selkirk Stone is manufactured locally in the Sandpoint ID area.

As you can see, you can dramaticly change the look, and create a living room focal point you can be proud of!


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