Sealing Concrete Pavers

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Pavers To Seal or Not to Seal
When it comes to sealing pavers there is no right or wrong.
Sealing concrete pavers is a personal choice. While it can enhance the colors and possibly extend the life of the pavers, it will require reapplication of the sealer over time.
If you do choose to seal, it must be properly applied after a thorough cleaning of the pavers. The pavers must be clean and dry.

You need to consider the reasons why you want to seal.
Are you trying to enhance the color of the pavers?
Do you want a Wet Look?
Are you protecting the pavers from staining such as a Driveway Application or BBQ area?
Are you trying to reduce efflorescence?

Do you want to seal in the joint sand?
Do you want to prevent weed growth?
All of the above are good reasons for sealing a paver patio or driveway. That said, an unsealed pavers expected lifetime is still 30 years or more. Yes, color may become less vibrant over time, but the structural integrity of the paver is still there.

Reasons not to seal:

Once you do apply a sealer you will have to reseal. Typically resealing would be done in the 2 to 5 year range. Be sure to keep sealer information where you can find it. When you reseal, you need to use the same brand you originally used or it could potentially have adverse affects with the original sealer.

Weeds: A properly installed paver patio will have minimal weed growth. They can be pulled or sprayed with a herbicide to control them.

Type of Paver: If you are using a tumbled or antiqued paver, you pay extra for a more natural stone look. You may not like the sealed finish on this type of paver. Sealing this type of paver should be done with caution. Always do a test seal on a few extra pavers or in an area that doesn't show.

There are many types of sealers for pavers. We stock 4 sealers from the Prosoco product line that work well with concrete pavers.

Siloxane PD is a Water Based Silane/Siloxane penetrating sealer. The treated surfaces repel droplets but allow any water vapor to escape from the pavers. It offers only a slight color enhancement. Coverage is 150 to 200 SF per Gallon.

Sand Joint Stabilizer controls erosion of loose sand joints. It is a blended water based polymer that consolidates the loose sands and protects the pavers from water penetration and staining. The treated sand joints resist weed growth and pavers are easier to clean. It also enhances the natural look of the pavers. Coverage is 50 to 200 SF per Gallon.

Paver Enhancer is a solvent based blend of siloxanes that penetrates and reacts with the surface to form a chemical bond. It provides excellent color enhancement. It controls rainwater penetration through hard to seal surfaces. Helps to control efflorescence and allows the surface to breathe. It is an excellent water repellent and color intensifier. Coverage is approximately 25 to 60 SF per Gallon.

Deep Sheen is a glossy, slip resistant paver treatment. It offers great oil, alkali and chemical resistance. It is a non-yellowing, film forming sealer. It enhances the colors of the pavers. Coverage is 40 to 60 SF per Gallon.
For more information on paver care click here - ICPI Tech Spec Number 5


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