Spokane Home & Yard Show 2007

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White Block Company will be at the Spokane Home & Yard Show Thursday February 22nd through February 25th, 2007.


We are located in booth 224 in Bay 2 at the Interstate Fairgrounds.



Come see our Allan Block Courtyard & Retaining Wall displays, as well as our Cultured Stone & Pavers products.













White Block Company is now stocking the Sleeve-It System.












It is a new product designed to provide an engineered solution for building a fence above your retaining wall.

The function of a retaining wall is to manage grade changes and create more useable real estate. When this is accomplished, it sometimes creates a potential fall hazard.

Sleeve-It has the engineered solution for building a fence or railing. It can meet or exceed the requirements established by the International Building Codes.

The International Building Code requires fencing and guards near the open sides of elevated walking surfaces.

AASHTO requires railings along the edges of structures for protection of traffic and pedestrians.

BOCA requires fencing where walls are greater than 4 feet.

The 2003 International Building Code, Section 1607.7, discusses loads on handrails, guards, grab bars and vehicle barriers. It states that handrail assemblies and guards shall be designed to resist either a 200 pound concentrated load or a 50 plf load, whichever is greater.

This load is required to be safely transferred through the supports of the fencing or guard system and into the structure (foundation). In addition, certain residential applications only need to resist a 200 pound concentrated load.

Most municipalities in the United States have adopted these building codes as their own.

The Sleeve-It System engages the reinforced soil mass with a traditional cantilever design to prevent overturning of the fence structure. It can resist the 50 plf load per the IBC Code.

The Sleeve-It System is a great solution to any retaining wall fence problem!

Please Call us for more information about the Sleeve It System or visit their website by using this link. Sleeve-It System




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