White Block Company lends a helping hand with Extreme Makeover - Home Addition in Sandpoint, ID.

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White Block Company, Owens Corning Cultured Stone and Allan Block Corp. had the privilege of working with Sullivan Homes Inc., R & R Masonry and Artistic Landscape on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Sandpoint, ID.

Our driver, Dan Thomas, delivered all the Masonry Products and Allan Block Courtyard Materials for the Hebert Family Home on Day 2 of the build.

On Day 3, R & R Masonry went to work installing the Profit Mojave Cultured Stone on the exterior of the house. Owens Corning donated the Cultured Stone and White Block Company donated the metal lath, mortar and other masonry accessories.


This really was an extreme build. The high temperatures were in the mid 30s and lows were in the low 20s. We had sunshine, rain, and even a little snow. These are not ideal conditions for installing the cultured Stone in such a short time frame. The colder weather doesnt allow the mortar to set up and gain strength as fast.


Ron & Jon Budda, owners of R & R Masonry, spearheaded the installation. They had many of their own crew on hand. Glen, Tracy, Kali, Dan, Mike and Kenny volunteered their time on the project. Other volunteers included Barry Lee White and Michelle Sutherland from the White Block Family.


R & R Masonry finished the exterior of the house on time, but the framing for the exterior fireplace wasnt complete, so Jon and his crew returned on day 5 to finish.

Allen Arnold, owner of Artistic Landscape, and his crew, Jeremy, Pat, Duane, Dave & Jaydee were scheduled to start on day 3 of the project build.


Derek Jones, Barry Lee White and Michelle Sutherland were there representing White Block Company to volunteer on Artistics crew, but unfortunately there were delays in the septic tank and drain field installation that set the landscaping back.


Artistic Landscape was able to establish the water feature, which is the centerpiece of the patio area.

On day 4 Artistics crew started on the paver patio installation. Derek was on hand to help with the hardscaping. As with any paver project, getting the base rock level and compacted is key to a quality project.


As they were getting the base prepped, one of the delivery trucks broke down while unloading topsoil. This blocked access to the materials needed to start laying pavers for about 1-1/2 hours. They started laying pavers about 1:30pm.


With the help of Artistics crew and many great volunteers, they were able to wrap up the patio installation about 7:30pm.

Once the pavers were finished they started installing the Allan Block Courtyard Collection. Allan Block Corp. and White Block Company provided the materials for the project.


The design enclosed the paver patio leaving openings on 2 sides to provide access to the homes front door. The size of the patio changed twice from the original size of 28 x 36. Each time, Derek refigured the dimensions and materials takeoff for the Allan Block Courtyard Collection.


To help meet time constraints and ease the installation process, the Allan Block Courtyard Collection was installed on top of the paver patio. Derek precut the wall panel pieces that butt up to the post block to ease installation. He also sketched out the pattern they were using to show where each block went on each wall section making it nearly a foolproof installation.


A number of the volunteers commented that it was very easy to install. The last wall cap was put in place at about 11:00pm.

A big Thank You goes out to all the people who volunteered their time and materials to make these projects a success.

Thanks to Sullivan Homes for including us in this project.

And congratulations to the Hebert Family. We know you will enjoy living in your new home.

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